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Assignment on parasitic zoonoses (Batch 2016/2017)

Assignment on parasitic zoonoses (Batch 2016/2017)

by Ruwani Kalupahana -
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Dear students of the batch 2016/2017,

Veterinary Public Health  lectures have been scheduled for every Friday from 10.00 to 11.00 a.m.  The plan was to continue lectures on zoonoses from today.  

However, only 13 students have submitted the assignment on parasitic zoonoses to ELTU-FVMAS.  Therefore, I suggest you use 2  hours ( Friday 16th and Friday 23rd , 10-11 am to complete the assignment and submit to ELTU.  You can use the same link and the coordinator ELTU will update you on this). 

Please consider 23rd October as the deadline.

Thank you

Coordinator  of Veterinary Public Health